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WAVE NG WORKBENCH the welding simulator

CS WAVE is a virtual welding simulation system, which develop begun in 2004. This is the most widely used simulation training system in the field of welding. 

In Hungary the educational institutions has been used virtual training tools for welding training since 2006. As the first Mátra Welding Technology and Training Ltd in the CEE region.

The most effective welding training system as a famous French-Hungarian-developed simulation using virtual reality simulation has become the WAVE, which was developed to assist in the training of welders.


The development of the education sector needs to be followed dynamically to speak to-date vocational training, that it was time to reflect on the teaching of AVI welding simulation.







The work has already started in 2009 - in Hungary and in France as well - resulting in the PROTRAINER TIG modul of the CS WAVE, which is introduced in the world at first time to tha MACH-TECH 2011 International Welding Engineering Fair, where the development win the Grand Prix award of the jury.



Very important to decide what we need to select a simulation, so we need to cearly clarify this, according what you want:

  • Teach accurate locomotive for everyone to understand the most effective ways (virtual education system, motion practice)
  • Or show a realistic visualization to the user which occured during the welding hazards, proper machine settings, defferent welding materials, safety behavior of gases and the use of differencies in ascertain - without a single welding machine should be switched -  to 100% virtual reality can help you.


Overwiev about the control center:   

Control center

For the first time ever in the vocational training area, the full power of the CLOUD allows the instructor to control a training tool. WAVE NG embeds the complete functionality provided by the CLOUD such as data transfer, data storing and security.

This CLOUD offer is totally new and valuable. It makes the installation, the handle and the integration of WAVE NG in your current training program much easier.

Az ábra a Wave NG képzési központ felépítését mutatja be.

The figure shows the structure of the Wave NG training center.

WORKBENCH and LITE comes with the web service to drive and control all network communication between any WAVE NG devices. EDU systems have also this feature enabled as an option. The web service can be installed on a LAN network. In that case, all information stay in the local network. There will be no way to access the information from the outside of the local training centre.

The web service can also be a CLOUD service provided by WAVE NG. In that case, all information is stored in a private and secured distant space and can be reached from anywhere. This CLOUD service is included in the first 1 year warranty and is part of the maintenance services. It is also possible to install and create a dedicated CLOUD space (dedicated to a network of training centres for instance) on demand.

Control center

The control centre is the web application used by the trainers to remotely define, monitor and review exercises. It should also be used by the system administrator to create and manage user profiles for trainers and trainees. In addition, the latter can consult their statistic and progress with the control centre tool.

Control centre can be run from any suitable browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome …) and does not require any installation process.


The server is in charge of the network communications between the different elements of the system network. It is also in charge of the persistence and the consistence of distributed data. The information available within a system network can be either static (GUI skins and configurations, exercise parameters, videos) or dynamic (results of exercises and result syntheses). Both sorts of information is stored in the server’s database and provided to all the control centres, WORKBENCH, LITE and EDU through a standard internet communication protocol.

The web server can either be installed locally (LAN network). In that case, installation maintenance and support is managed by the user. It can also be provided by WAVE NG as a CLOUD service. In that case, there is no installation process requirement. WAVE NG provides a secured and dedicated space to the users and ensure the maintenance and evolution of this area. A dedicated CLOUD instance can also be installed on the customer private network, on request.