WOOD-ED FACTORY for sawmill operators

WOOD-ED FACTORY is a virtual training station dedicated to sawmill operators. It replicates the real situation of wood cutting machines and will teach through a progressive set of exercises the appropriate skills for this job. WOOD-ED FACTORY is an advanced workstation that replicates a real operator environment. The comprehensive set of lessons drives the operator from a simple and basic use of the equipment to advanced situations where he has to control all the equipment movements manually.

  • The exclusive and unique virtual training solution
  • Progressive learning throughout a comprehensive set of exercises
  • Real-life training on a virtual simulator
  • Train faster, safer and cheaper
  • Student progress tracking on internet

Main Features :
• Peripheral controls can be configured to meet the customer needs
• Type of wood can be configured
• Multiple users management
• Curriculum management
• Onsite or cloud training follow-up

Technical features :
• 2 x 15’’ touch screens
• 1 main display 46’’ full HD screen
• 2 analog joysticks with 5 buttons
• 1 pedalboard with 2 analog pedals and 2 buttons