Track excavator simulator



With the TENSTAR track excavator simulator, you can learn how to operate real excavator in realistic conditions, without the risk of accidents and high costs!

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Train and practice your employees or students cost-effectively with the Tenstar simulator! track excavator operation is a creative profession that optimally combines hard physical work with modern technology.
Like all trades, it requires extensive training to become a skilled professional. The excavator simulator is an excellent tool to learn the precise operation of the heavy machinery most commonly used in construction and road building. The simulator helps you learn how to use the different controls together and operate the machine safely. Our track excavator simulator offers a complete training tool with a realistic experience, professional controls such as joysticks, pedals, etc. in a realistic graphical environment.
Comprehensive training scenarios allow the user to practice all aspects of real-life work situations, as well as perform tests to reinforce their knowledge. In a safe learning environment, training opportunities are provided for students at all levels to develop their ability to operate the excavator.








 Advanced tools for learning


Tenstar record and replay
Analyse and improve your driving with recorded exercises. Play them from any angle, at any time.

Tenstar scoring system
An educational scoring system for more effective learning with results based on safety, quality and economy.

Multi-machine environment
Interact and practice as a team, as several different users can collaborate and interact in the same virtual environment.

Tenstar user xperience
Our intuitive and straightforward interface that uses all screens to navigate between machine types and exercises.

Virtual reality walkarround
You can interact and walk around machines and vehicles to learn all the details or perform a safety check.

Virtual Training Space
Interact and practice together with several different machines and avatars in the same virtual environment.


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Recomended platform

  • 3 x 43" front screen
  • 1 x 43" rear screen (optional)
  • Motions base
  • Professional driver seat
  • 2 industrial joysticks with quick switch
  • Steering wheel with force feedback
  • Standard traffic or industrial pedals
  • Interactive touch screen display

Tenstar mozgó platform