Cool man!

On Thursday 30 and Friday, October 31, 2014 took place in the Felison Cruise Terminal at IJmuiden PET  exhibition ,the “Promotion Event  Technique” which has the aim to show the youth that technique for them is very nice. The groups/levels 7and 8 of primary schools in the region were invited and could during a two-day event get acquainted with technique, experienced and discover, for example, the profession of a welder. Lashuis Haprotech was present on both days with the Virtual Reality Weldtrainer® that in 3-D a complete created welding environment , gave the change for the young students to exercise welding in a friendly and healthy/safe environment. The young visitors could virtually try their welding skills. Their enthusiasm and  fun lead that they started pushing others around, to have a go at the Weldtrainer. This resulted in long rows enthusiastic for the Weldtrainer. The most heard slogan was, therefore, "What is this Cool, Unbelievable, man! ".



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