More than 10 years of 3D software development experience the Apolo Studios ha entered into the simulation world to offer fully customizable real-time simulations at affordable price for industrial training.All the teaching simulation tools they have are designed to get to the 3D world for schools with smaller budget as well.

Therefore, the most important for us are all the product features for training and educational aspects for users. 

The VRSim is one of the most advanced 3D virtual reality technology manufacturing company in the industrial trades and production skills to assist in specialized education.Virtual training systems are changing the belief that according to the three-dimensionalsimulators may be used only pilots, soldiers and surgeons training. Leverage video games and graphic tracking systems rendering technologies the VRSim get along the possibility of virtual education to the industry-related job titles.

Mimbus is the biggest European company which has the most experience in the development of virtual reality simulations for professions education. The result of more common development in a virtual reality simulation there is a close relationship between the two companies.

The support of our professional development team, more European schools and educational institutions achieving outstanding results by the use of their products.

The ambition of DIGINEXT is to bring innovation to its customers and assist them to better achieve their mission. For that aim, the Company provides cutting edge and reliable Operational systems, Simulation systems for planning or testing, and E-learning & Training solutions. Being focused on niche markets and customer driven are our key advantages to grasp the intricacies of our clients' operational needs and propose the best solutions for every situation. DIGINEXT is a human-sized company recognized internationally for its capacity to innovate, its excellence, its responsiveness as well as for both the quality and performance of the high-tech systems and solutions it supplies.

Immersion is European fancier and international important player in innovative, immersive and collaborative 3D technologies, in the fields of industry and research. Immersion develops and integrates high-end display systems and interaction devices, in order to test, design, simulate and agree in real-time around the virtual model.
Four areas of expertise: State of the Art, Innovation and R&D, Immersive 3D solutions, 3i solutions.
Aerospace, automotive, transportation, defence, architecture, construction, energy, shipbuilding, industrial equipment, health, education, research …
These technologies can now also benefit ISEs and larger SMEs experiencing the same industrial issues as larger clients, offering new potential sources
of value and new avenues of growth.